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.Our integration with Google Places helps  your guests to easily explore the living area. Add your best recommendations on favorite restaurants, top tourist attractions and more.

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Provide as much information as possible to improve your guests’ stay: directions, instructions for accessing the property, check-in and check-out times; the ATM, the grocery store and much more.

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Welcome Page

 You will be able to personalize your welcome message and tell something about yourself


Provide all the information  to reach your property by all major means of transport

Check-in and check-out

Useful information on arrival and departure times, deposit, formalities, documents, etc ..

Property description

You will be able to describe in detail your property: the rooms, the garden, the common areas, etc …

Tips and functionalities of your property

Everything your customers need to know about the features and functioning of the house. From wifi to hot water arrangement   

Rules of the Property

All the rules of the property  in detail. From good neighborly behavior, to safety regulations, rooms inventory, etc …

Your advices on where to eat and drink 

Suggest your guests the best places to eat and have great drinks by locating them with Google Places

Fun, amusements and sports 

  List for your guests  cinemas, theaters, events, parks and the best places to practice sports and outdoor activities

Best places and monuments to visit

 Select all the places you want to recommend to visit by locating them with Google Places 

Your advices on what to buy and where to buy

 Choose the trendiest and most fashionable places recommended for shopping and shopping to locate directly with Google Places

Useful services

All the indications of the most useful services for your guest: ATM, petrol station, pharmacy, hairdresser, luggage storage, car wash, etc …

Useful Numbers

List the useful numbers for your guests: Police, Medical Guard, Fire Brigade, Delivery, Host  Assistance, etc…

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